Copyright issues in social media: Iconic Media Guide

Copyright issues in social media and everything you need to know

If you want to create content and successfully promote it on social networks, you should read the rules and follow them.

Five-six years ago, you could post compilations from different videos on YouTube and monetize them.

Today the rules have become stricter, and for this, at best, will exclude you from the “Partner Program.” If you have a new channel and are hoping to make money on such content, we hasten to warn you that even having collected all the requirements before joining the YouTube Partner Program, you will not be allowed to monetize such content.

In this case, as an option, you can get permission from each user who shot a video for your compilation, even if he sent it to you so that you can insert it into your video. The author allows you to use his content in this way and will resolve the problems.

Even children’s content that after the COPPA law moved to the YouTube Kids application, it seems that it continues to monetize and bring huge money to channel owners.

It’s a little easier on Instagram with copyright. But if a creator doesn’t like using his content, he can easily report this post. Be sure that the administration will delete this soon, and you will receive a warning. If this incident occurs several times, you may permanently delete your page.

So what should you do?

Most importantly, we do not recommend using someone else’s content for commercial or offensive purposes.
YouTube studio provides a collection of free songs and sounds. Or use licensed music from our partners to stand out among hundreds of other bloggers.

Nevertheless, we cannot fail to note that such strict rules have their advantages.
For example, recently, social networks have become even more concerned about the psychological health of bloggers. Over the past year, the fight against bullying and hate in comments has grown significantly. Thanks to neural networks, the developers created a separate hidden section in which offensive comments are selected.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the administration of social networks is prudent to ensure that users try to respect copyright and not violate other people’s personal space. But there are often bugs. For example, when you are accidentally or intentionally sent a copyright report or strike for using music, inserting someone else’s video, or even intentionally trying to ban the page by sending mass complaints.
If you want to know even more ways to monetize compilations, controversial content, or if you receive false copyright issues and you don’t want to lose your channel or page, then we are happy to help you.

We have a competent copyright specialist with experience who knows how best to act in these and any other situations. Feel free to contact us any time!

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