«Stories.» usage: pro tips from Iconic Media experts

«Stories.» Why you should pay more attention to this feature

This feature was launched by Snapchat back in 2013. After 3 years, he appeared on Instagram. This function blasted the social network with lightning speed and is now in first place in terms of the number of publications per day, and the frequency of publications in the main feed began to fall rapidly.

Have you ever wondered why some users post 30+ «Stories» a day? That’s why!
1. It is an essential tool for keeping users active.
2. Viewers of «Stories” can quickly skip uninteresting videos.
3. Instagram users in the main feed have too high a bar for the quality and “eventfulness” of content because not everyone can climb the mountains, eat in restaurants and take photos on the beach, especially every day.

It’s much easier to pick up your phone, shoot a video and announce yourself. After 24 hours, your video will disappear, and save the most interesting ones in Highlights above the main feed.

You have many filters and masks at your disposal, which you can share with other users. You can add text, stickers, GIF animation, create polls, and communicate with the audience.

You can also post other people’s «Stories» with comments.
And, of course, reach and view analytics are always available to you.
As soon as you gain 10,000 subscribers, you will have access to the function of adding and attaching links. Thereby you can redirect traffic to your other social networks, as well as easily make advertising integrations.

So why are «Stories» so popular on Instagram and not Snapchat

Most likely because Snapchat is a messenger for sharing only with friends, undoubtedly, the Instagram audience got used to «Stories» faster and created them more often.

It is worth noting that YouTube and Facebook also have this feature. There they are used for the same purposes, but not as often. For polls, YouTube has a community that works much better, but for this, you need to have at least 500 subscribers on the channel. In general, this is an entirely different story!

By the way, TikTok has already announced «Stories» for its social network! Their algorithms are fantastic. It will be exciting to see what happens.

Finally, use «Stories» and grow your blog!

And the most exciting “Stories” ideas are created by content creators and developers who can create a branded mask and filter just for you!

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