Vertical videos: the guide from Iconic Media experts

The era of vertical videos is coming.

Until a few years ago, shooting vertical video was monotonous. Under these videos, there were necessarily comments like “Learn to shoot horizontally.”

These days, perhaps all the most general campaigns have launched a separate vertical video format on their platforms.
And the first one was TikTok.

Thanks to this platform, vertical videos have gained incredible popularity, first among teenagers and then among the adult generation.
We believe that this massive popularity is since this is precisely the most convenient format for smartphones. You do not need to turn the phone over every time. Video is full screen, and information is absorbed in maximum speed and the availability of instant shooting plus the possibility of editing directly on the smartphone in the application itself.

In general, an explosive mixture of Instagram feeds and very heavily trimmed videos with effects came out.
As we wrote above, TikTok was the first to set the trend. YouTube picked up the next direction with its YouTube Shorts.
With YouTube Shorts, you essentially upload videos to a different platform, which is different from regular YouTube, even though the site and the app are the same at first sight. But the algorithms are completely different.

Instagram executives began to notice that the number of young audiences was declining as they started spending more time on TikTok. And what do you think happened? Instagram has also launched a short video format called Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels does not work in all countries yet, but it’s not far off when launched everywhere.
It should not note that a huge plus for the creators is that by creating one video, you can publish it on three platforms at once. A year and a half ago, absolutely any user could become famous on TikTok, now the number of those who wish is much greater. But if you shoot high-quality and exciting content, you will be noticed sooner or later, and the platform’s name does not matter, remember this!

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